Sunflower Forest

Story #23 for Story A Day Challenge May 2016

14 Sunflower Tree  s

Sunflower Forest

“Look, Daddy, a sunflower forest!”

“You’re right, sweet pea, it is a sunflower forest!”

“Why are they all facing that way?”

“To get as much sunshine as possible. That’s helps them grow.”

“Can we stop and see?”

“Sure, sweet pea, we have a little extra time.”

“One day, Daddy, I’m going to be as tall as a sunflower tree.” She reached up her arms, spreading them wide. “Look at me, Daddy, I’m growing!”

“Well, right you are! Why, look how much you’ve grown just since you got out of the car.”

“You, too, Daddy, you too. Don’t you want to be a sunflower tree?”

“An excellent idea, sweet pea. Anyone in their right mind would want to be a sunflower tree.”

Father and daughter smiled at each other as they stood at the edge of the sunflower forest, reaching up.

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