So Sensitive

Story #13 for Story A Day Challenge May 2016 as well as my Friday Fictioneer Challenge entry.

Photo by C E Ayr

Photo by C E Ayr

So Sensitive

“Look, little brother is blue again.”

“What’s wrong this time?”

“He thinks the Broadway Building is looking down at him.”

“He is looking down at him. We are all looking down at him. We’re tall and slender and he’s short and fat.”

“Well, he better get used to it. We’re not going anywhere.”

“Give him a break. He didn’t choose his architect any more than we chose ours. He’ll come around.”

“He’s already round. Get it? Get it?” [Snicker]

“Besides, he can’t help it that they made him glow.”

“All this touchy-feely stuff, bah! These youngsters are just so sensitive.”

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For a special treat, here is the story by the photographer, C. E. Ayr, also a Friday Fictioneer writer.

8 thoughts on “So Sensitive

  1. I sense quite a bit of jealousy here. They secretly wish they could be little blue brother, I bet. What a great take.

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