6 thoughts on “Harmony: Weekly Photo Challenge

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  3. When I see things like this iris I am transported with awe by the wonders of this world. It is like the face of a child in that I look and marvel; how do the parts make such a glorious whole? How do the cells, the very atoms within know how to arrange themselves into such splendor? Flowers and children, I can stare at them and shoot them for hours. Nice.

    • I was waxing a bit poetic there. The gardener in me wonders how your rhizomes withstood the winter. I’ve got little furry mammals that chew at the top and sometimes rip the whole rhizome out and fling it aside to search for treasures they are sure I’ve hidden beneath for why else would I have labored for hours early last fall to build these beds of Iris. I cannot wait til I have my own.

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