Jurassic Park:Fiction Friday

The Friday Fictioneer Challenge: Write a 100-word story based on the photo.

Photo copyright Roget Bultot

Photo copyright Roger Bultot

Jurassic Park

Something big is alive on the other side,” Stevie whispered, ear against the door.

Alive?” Martin didn’t believe him, but wanted to.

Wild animals, roaming loose, just like in the history holograms.

Ridiculous! There haven’t been any wild animals in centuries.” Martin looked back, taking comfort in the sight of all things familiar: glass, concrete, pavement.

Before Martin could protest, Stevie yanked open both doors only to have their worst nightmare come true: something jumped out at them. They ran, screams obscuring the soft chirping of the cricket as it righted itself on the concrete after bouncing off Stevie’s nose.

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8 thoughts on “Jurassic Park:Fiction Friday

  1. A raptor got Stevie? Those were some crazy animals. I like the idea of the story telling how all the animals are gone, sacrificed to a modern dystopic world. But I would rather the kids really found the nice animals and not raptors.

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