Fiction Friday: The Promise

Friday Fictioneer challenge: Write a 100-word story based on the photo.

Friday Fictioneer prompt.  Copyright Dawn Q Landau

Friday Fictioneer prompt. Copyright Dawn Q Landau

The Promise

The dog found her that night, lost in the forest. At sunrise, he nipped at her heels. She couldn’t see him – he died two years before – and the nips were so faint she didn’t realize what they were. He guided her to the railroad track, shielding her from harm, as even death couldn’t prevent him from keeping his promise to protect her.

When he saw the others approaching, he faded into the trees with one last bark in her direction. At the familiar sound, she turned, eyes wide with wonder. She raised her hand, called his name, and waved goodbye.

12 thoughts on “Fiction Friday: The Promise

  1. That’s tender and bittersweet story. I thought the end would see the dog as something like her spiritual protector but he went away instead.

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