Empty Bowl

I went to Austin’s Empty Bowl Project for the first time this year. It’s in its 18th year, but I don’t know what I was doing the other 17 years. The event benefits several Austin-area charities that take care of people in need. How it works: You buy a beautiful, handmade ceramic bowl for $20, fill it up with yummy soup and take the bowl home with you.

My plan was to show up early before everyone else did. The first part of my plan worked: I showed up early. The second part — “before everyone else” — not so much. I got to stand in line with lots of people with the same “show up early” plan. Still, it was a nice day in November and I was only mildly overdressed.

A really long line at the Austin Empty Bowl Project

Hundreds and hundreds of my closest friends

A large soup pot and spoon were available for photo ops.

A child in the large soup pot

Soup pot

Once inside, there were tables and tables filled with bowls to choose from. There were no bad choices.

A round table with lots and lots of ceramic bowls to choose from

So many, so beautiful

After you choose your bowl, volunteers wash and rinse it for you. (I just love it when someone else does the dishes, don’t you?) Next, you get in line for some soup, provided by local food establishments (several soups to choose from), and then it’s soup time! My bowl (it’s signed on the bottom) was made by Jessica of Girl Scout Troop 449 and I think it’s beautiful! Thank you, Jessica!

My ceramic bowl filled with pumpkin soup next to a bread roll

Yummy pumpkin soup and bread

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