Round Pitcher in Charcoal

A pitcher of a different shape, with curlicue handles.

A charcoal sketch of a round-ish pitcher with curlicue handles

Recognizable, methinks

Sketching object: a small, white roundish pitcher with curlicue handles

Those handles are scary!

The sketch and the object together:

Putting the sketch up on the bench makes the angle look different

And while in class there is a feline art muse, at home I have a canine art muse at my side, Dusty.

My dog Dusty, a yellow Labrador Retriever, curled up at my side as I sketch

It’s hard work, being an art muse

1 thought on “Round Pitcher in Charcoal

  1. Dusty-as-art-muse has been getting a lot of work lately. No wonder he needs a nap. But all his hard work is paying off. You’ve come a long way from drawing stick figures. Good boy, Dusty!

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