Fiction Friday: Following in Her Footsteps

Friday Fictioneer photo prompt.  Copyright Bjorn Rudberg

Friday Fictioneer photo prompt. Copyright Bjorn Rudberg

As a girl, Little Jesse tried to count the steps down to the Cliff House, but always lost track as she followed Great Aunt Jesse who was revealing plans for a summer full of escapades.

Jesse (now the only ‘Jesse’ in the family) surveyed the chaos that had once been artful order. Near the studio window, she found an unfinished watercolor: Aunt Jesse smiling, holding out both arms, enticing Little Jesse to take those last steps. It broke her heart that Aunt Jesse hadn’t finished it before dying.

Stepping towards the painting, Jesse picked up a brush . . .
Friday Fictioneers: Write a 100-word story based on the photo prompt.
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14 thoughts on “Fiction Friday: Following in Her Footsteps

    • You are absolutely right! Aunt Jesse *did* leave it unfinished on purpose. It was another way for her to get (Little) Jesse to take those next steps into her future. I just couldn’t put everything in with only 100 words.

  1. Dear Tresha,

    Now the younger Jesse will add her strokes to the painting. Might she leave it still undone for another Jesse, too? Just a random thought. Lovely story.



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