Seasons Change: Fiction Friday

The Friday Fictioneer Challenge: Write a 100-word story based on the photo.

FF 109 Janet Webb

Photo copyright Janet Webb

Seasons Change

Sienna remembered finding her first wasp nest, amazed to discover it was made of paper, which was itself made of wood. Her young imagination opened to a world of chemistry.

The nests were sturdy but built for only one season. She learned that lesson many times in her scientific career as well as her personal life: some things were short-lived, but in their own moment strong, beautiful.

Retirement awaited her just outside the lab door. Picking up the wasp nest from her desk, Sienna thought it an accurate life symbol: seasons change. It was time for her to move on.

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Front Porch Visitor

This is the second black widow spider I’ve found on the front porch recently. Both were dead when I found them. Hubby thinks the black wasps that also hang out around the porch are preying on the spiders and that maybe they dropped this one. Great. A wasp may fly over me, lose its grip, dumping something poisonous and not-quite-dead on my head.

It’s always something . . .

Black Widow Spider, dead on the porch

Photography Homework, Considered

Here are some of the photographs that I considered submitting as my homework for my third photography class.

Madison, a baby, looking off in the distance

Madison looking towards the park

A hummingbird sitting on a wire fence

On the fence, guarding the feeder nearby

Butterfly on pink flower

Butterfly on pink flower

Some kind of weed pod and its flowers

Some kind of weed pod and its flowers

A wasp nest with wasps in a pine tree

Wasps in a pine tree

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