Once Upon A Time: Fiction Friday

The Friday Fictioneer Challenge: Write a 100-word story based on the photo.

Photo copyright Sandra Crook

Photo copyright Sandra Crook

Once Upon A Time

From behind the face of the tower clock, the village looked small. Maureen remembered always being fascinated with the mechanical timepiece, abandoned long ago.

She dreamt of whirling gears and cogs. “Did it used to work?” she asked her parents.

“Once upon a time,” they said, “but we don’t need it now. We have electricity.”

That was before the war. Now, no one had electricity, anywhere. The war took too many lives, broke most technology chains. Turns out time can run backwards, Maureen thought. She finished oiling the clock and started it back up. Once upon a time was now.

The photographer, Sandra Crook, is also a Friday Fictioneer writer. Here is her story, The History Man.

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From The Future

Interesting, getting blog posts from the future. One blog I follow is Postcards from Russia. Depending on his local time when he posts, I sometimes get posts from dated one day ahead of my date, like this one I just received, dated 07 December 2014.

A photo from the blogger Postcards from Russia.  A semi truck driver and his rig.

A photo from Postcards from Russia

So, depending on the blogs he follows and where/when they are posted, it’s possible for him to get posts from the past, because right now it’s 07 December in Russia and 06 December in Texas. Timing is everything.

(And as soon as I figure out how to “reblog” a post properly, I will.)