Foot Bath Required

While walking around a tennis ranch (where I was studying the theory of color and design in the conference center), I spotted this sign. As a non-tennis player, I jumped to the conclusion that this requirement was to keep the tennis courts clean and in as good a shape as long as possible. But I didn’t know what a foot bath was. I looked around.

Foot Bath (1)

I’m thinking this is the foot bath. Or rather, the bottom-of-the-shoe bath. It doesn’t look particularly well used. But as I’m not a tennis player and didn’t ever see anyone use this while I was out and about, I don’t really know if people are supposed to clean their feet or their shoes before entering the courts. Maybe they play tennis barefooted? The sign says “Foot Bath,” not “Shoe Bath.” [Deep sigh.] I’ll probably never know. So many mysteries in this world, wouldn’t you agree?

Foot Bath (2)