Reading Socks, Reading the Label

I received a pair of Reading Socks this Christmas. Oh, my. So, so comfy. Really, these should have been invented decades ago. Maybe they were, but I just never heard of them. I took the opportunity of wearing my Reading Socks to read the label for their care instructions.

Oh, dear. Machine wash at 40 degrees? Sounds a bit specific. I don’t think I can guarantee that. Bleach when needed? Maybe these are generic instructions and some Reading Socks are white and might need bleaching sometime down the road. Not mine, however. (Non-chorine bleach? What is that?) Hang to dry? No. And last, but not least: Iron Low.

Ha ha ha ha ha. No, and no. I am definitely not ironing my socks, Reading or otherwise.

Do not let the label throw you off track. These Reading Socks are the best. I love them.

Reading Socks. Who knew?

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