It’s a Beautiful Morning

Sometime in my efforts to become a better photographer, I found one professional who advised beginners not to photograph sunrises or sunsets, as they were overdone. Really?

I don’t choose subjects based on how many times someone else has photographed them. I photograph something because it holds some interest for me.

I photographed this sunrise 16 times and thought maybe I should have taken more. These photographs are taken just minutes apart. I didn’t edit them, other than to decrease the size for uploading. Love the colors!

4 thoughts on “It’s a Beautiful Morning

  1. Agree! 😊 The thrill of capturing a beautiful sunrise is what gets me up and out the door on most mornings. Can’t seem to get enough of watching the sun rise and take over the darkness of night. Have a great week.

  2. You’re right! What subject hasn’t been overdone in that sense? The point is to capture what you respond to personally. To start really seeing things. Those colors are gorgeous.

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