2 thoughts on “Painting the Columns

  1. Nice color arrangement. Street photography is my favorite, but I always worry about photographing people — I’m never sure somebody won’t come up and make a scene. OTOH, if I ask permission, well, that kills the spontaneity. I’m saving up for a camera with a silent shutter release! But then I have to worry about posting it. I never post pics of children without permission (never know who’s lurking) but I’ve had adults demand that I take a photo down when you can’t see anything but the back of their heads! What’s been your experience?

    • I agree: it’s tricky to photograph people who are not specifically posing for you. But complaining about a photo where it’s the back of someone’s head? Seems a bit much. There are laws covering photography, of course, (things and people — including children — in public places can be photographed without permission, with only a few exceptions) but we have to be sensitive to people’s concerns.

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