Door to Nowhere

This is a door at the Austin Central Public Library. It’s on the 6th floor balcony and it looks down onto the 5th floor.

00s Door to Nowhere (1)

What is it for? It doesn’t go anywhere. (It was locked; we checked.)

No one in my group could figure it out. People who walked by commented on it, noticing that there was no structure on the other side.

00s Door to Nowhere (2)

Then I overheard a man say that it was for the window cleaners. Oh, ah. So when they are cleaning the inside of the window that it is next to (which I forgot to photograph), they can just open the door and then clean the outside. Or clean the outside and then open the door to clean the inside?

Maybe it’s true, maybe it isn’t true, but it was the only explanation I heard.

Thursday is for Doors over at Norm 2.0.

3 thoughts on “Door to Nowhere

  1. Good thing they keep it locked! It’s truly is the door to nowhere. However, it’s a door inn my favorite of all buildings–the library! So it’s door to nowhere that’s somewhere important. 🙂


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