A Portrait of Tim

Leonardo da Vinci’s painting, Salvator Mundi, sold for $450.3 million in November 2017 at a Christie’s auction.

The next day Tim Diggles posted this photo of himself in a similar pose to that of Salvator Mundi. (I follow Tim’s blog.) Tim offered this photo to those of us who do not have $450.3 million to spend (much less to spend that much money on only one item). I took him at his word and downloaded the free photo.

Sunday I printed his photo and used it to draw his portrait. I’m just now learning how to draw faces and this was my first complete effort using a photograph as a reference.

Tim Diggles

Fortunately I worked on this drawing Sunday afternoon while I was with a group of friends, one of whom is a retired art teacher. She gave me some pointers and I managed to correct some of my errors. I didn’t correct the spacing of the eyes: I drew them too far apart. I left them alone, as I wasn’t sure I’d be able to erase all my lines well enough for a second effort.

Tim Diggles as not painted by Leonardo

With thanks and apologies to Tim Diggles.

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