Puzzling Puzzles

I like to work the crossword puzzle while I eat breakfast. Their level of difficulty increases through the week. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I usually manage to finish them without looking up anything. Thursday’s crossword is noticeably more difficult for me. By Friday, I realize I am not smarter than a 5th grader.

Saturday finds me definitely dumber than a rock. If there is not a clue to which the answer is “Oreo” or “Eft,” then I an sunk. Sunday’s puzzle is up in the air: I might know some of the answers, most of the answers, or hardly any of the answers.


5 thoughts on “Puzzling Puzzles

  1. I love crossword puzzles too. I usually do them in the evening with a cup of coffee. If I don’t do them, I collect them up to save for when we go back to the boat, as they’re hard to come by out in Greece.

  2. This photo reminds me of my mom. She loved to do crossword puzzles and she’d cut them out so she could go back to check them the next day.

  3. I subscribed to our small local paper at least in part to have a crossword every day! (It’s a great window into local life as well) Mon-Sat I don’t have much trouble, but on Sunday they print the NYT crossword. I spend Sunday feeling cross and dumber than a rock.

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