Fixer Upper: Fiction Friday

The Friday Fictioneer Challenge: Write a 100-word story based on the photo. This week’s photo credit goes to “What’s His Name.” I’m not making that up: it’s what was posted on our host’s website (Rochelle Wisoff-Fields). I checked three times to see if it had been updated. Nope.

Photo copyright What's His Name

Photo copyright What’s His Name

Fixer Upper

Janie’s heart raced with excitement as she perused the “treasures” in the barn. She wanted to be just like Joanna on the HGTV show “Fixer Upper.” Janie looked at everything with Joanna’s eyes: old window frames as mirror frames; reclaimed wood as wall accents; and that claw-footed bathtub – to die for!

Janie invited her mother over before the open house. “What do you think?”

“Is this what passes for stylish these days?”

Janie looked at her mother with new eyes, wondering how much work it would take to fix up her mother with an updated outlook on life.

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14 thoughts on “Fixer Upper: Fiction Friday

  1. Oh what a blow when you lose the rose colored glasses you see your parents through. Nice take on the prompt.

  2. Nothing like parents to take the wind out of our sails… by the way, if you clicked on the “What’s his name” you would be directed to Russell Gayer’s site 😉

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