Memory Maker: Fiction Friday

The Friday Fictioneer Challenge: Write a 100-word story based on the photo.

Photo copyright Karuna

Photo copyright Karuna

Memory Maker

Putting on her gloves, Ida wondered how the family was coping after the fire, especially the children.

Oh, the agony of a child whose favorite toy was lost or damaged. She remembered being devastated when her favorite doll, Sally Sue, finally fell apart. Young Ida vowed never to let that happen again. And she didn’t. She learned to clean her dolls, repair the rips, sew their clothes.

As a professional doll restorer, Ida now helped others recover parts of their childhood. She smiled at her next three patients, knowing they would soon be reunited with those who loved them most.

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9 thoughts on “Memory Maker: Fiction Friday

  1. One of those things that I do wholeheartedly enjoy is buying old dolls and restoring them to be given to little girls who have none. I remember what it was like, being little and not having. I also remember with great fondness, the one doll I was given… restored by loving hands and dressed in clothes sewn with prayers. kinda wish I still had that dolly, long since passed on to another little girl.

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