Black Lightning: Fiction Friday

The Friday Fictioneer Challenge: Write a 100-word story based on the photo.

Photo copyright Sandra Crook

Photo copyright Sandra Crook

Black Lightning

Shrugging on her black leather jacket, Molly saw her reflection in the mirror: wrinkles and laugh lines on her face, framed by roils of grey hair. The red mane of her youth that had given rise to her nickname, Red Molly, was long gone.

Twenty years as governor was enough. She smiled as she put on her helmet, straddling her motorcycle, a 1952 Vincent Black Lightning. Riding it kept her sane though it all, reminding her of the strength of simplicity.

Molly left an envelope for her successor with only one piece of advice inside: Buy a motorcycle and ride.

When I saw the motorcycle in the photo, I thought of Richard Thompson’s song, 1952 Vincent Black Lightning.

The photographer, Sandra Crook, is a Friday Fictioneer writer. Check out her story.

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8 thoughts on “Black Lightning: Fiction Friday

  1. Riding is great for the soul, as long as one keeps out of the way of other road users. Great story

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