Travelling Light: Fiction Friday

The Friday Fictioneer Challenge: Write a 100-word story based on the photo.

Photo copyright Magaly Guerrero

Photo copyright Magaly Guerrero

Travelling Light

Sharon refused to travel without her dictionary and art reference tome. She learned the hard way (Is there any other way?) just how much she could easily carry. She narrowed it down to one small suitcase and a book bag.

She asked herself : The goal in life is to live it fully, right? And not to just sit on the couch watching travel shows? The memories made travelling were worth so much more to her than possessions. That lesson was easy. There was only one more change to make before her next trip: those stupid shoes had to go.

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I started out with the words “those stupid shoes” and the idea that no matter how cute the shoes were, they were a terrible choice for travelling.

10 thoughts on “Travelling Light: Fiction Friday

  1. Nothing is more important than the things that really fill our hearts. For Sharon (and me) it’s memories worth reliving. But… for some it’s definitely shoes. Thank goodness the world is big enough for everyone to have different loves.

  2. I think that she should take the shoes, tied to the outside of the suitcase, they might be a great chat up line, making her day.😉

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