Out of Sorts: Fiction Friday

The Friday Fictioneer Challenge: Write a 100-word story based on the photo.

FF 139 Jellico's Stationhouse

Photo copyright Jellico’s Stationhouse

Out of Sorts

Merv had felt out of sorts for days. Not feeling himself, as his grandfather would have said. He tried to laugh it off. “Well,” he mused, “if I’m not myself, who is?”

Sometimes he thought someone was following him but anytime he turned around to look, no one was there. Still, he couldn’t quite shake the feeling he was being watched.

As Merv left the pub to pedal home, his silhouette waited only a moment before mounting its own shadowy bicycle to follow, knowing there was nothing Merv could have done to prevent the outcome of their last ride together.

As I schedule this story to post Friday morning, there are already 48 stories linked to the main page. To read other Friday Fictioneer stories based on this photo, select the smiley blue frog.

11 thoughts on “Out of Sorts: Fiction Friday

  1. I agree with Christine, the foreshadowing was nicely done. Great imaginative take on the prompt.

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