Right and Wrong: Fiction Friday

The Friday Fictioneer Challenge: Write a 100-word story based on the photo.

Photo copyright Vijaya Sundaram

Photo copyright Vijaya Sundaram

Right and Wrong

“Why are you upset?” Amy reached for Earl’s hand. “Just because I see something you don’t doesn’t make me wrong.”

Earl avoided her touch. “Yes, it does. I’m always right. Aliens do not exist!”

As if on cue, a flotilla of brightly lit, tiny spaceships descended in their yard. Amy ran outside to greet them. “I told you they’d return!” The spaceships surrounded Amy, swirling.

Earl refused to be convinced. “Fireflies!”

A shimmering net enveloped Amy, lifting her into the sky as the spaceships flew away in formation.

Earl screamed at Amy as she disappeared.“Fireflies, I tell you, just fireflies!”

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12 thoughts on “Right and Wrong: Fiction Friday

  1. (SIGH) Some people just … don’t … GET IT! Well, I guess Earl’s going to have to open a cold brew-ski, kick back and enjoy life alone. It’s summer, after all.

    Fun story, Tresha!

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