Double Doors

A lot of older homes were build with two front doors. There are a lot of theories as to reason for the two identical front doors. Odd, isn’t it? Here is an architectural feature widely used (in several US regions over several decades) and we don’t have a definitive reason as to why. Here is a sampling of reasons.

I have a friend moving into such a house in September. One front door opens into a living room, the other into a bedroom. Why? I don’t know. This just might be one of the mysteries of life.

In Columbus, Texas

In Columbus, Texas

Thursday is for doors over at Norm 2.0.

11 thoughts on “Double Doors

    • Yes, same house. Not as common as they used to be. Not built that way anymore and when some are remodeled one of the doors is removed. Still, not surprising to see that style in older homes.

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