For How Long

Fiction: For How Long

03 For How Long s

A river full of memories

For How Long

Lilah’s favorite quote was “Do something today your future self will thank you for.” That’s how she talked Tina into taking kayaking lessons. “Everyone has to be doing something,” Lilah said. “Let’s make it something fun.” But Lilah died unexpectedly, unceremoniously, unmistakably.

This would be Tina’s first time on the water alone. No instructor, no classmates. She picked up the oar. The river was full and not to be fought against. Still, she made headway in her chosen direction. This isn’t how she envisioned it as they laughed at the idea of their newest adventure. But now Tina knew she could do it alone, she would do it alone – for as long as she had to.

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