The Right Place

Story #27 for the Story A Day Challenge May 2016 and doing double duty as my Friday Fictioneer entry

Photo copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Photo copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

The Right Place

The “beach” as the hotel called it, had no sand or seashells. Lyndon wondered if he was in the right place. Still, he thought it had an air of mystery: solid, dark boulders against fluid, transparent waves. He lifted up his face to the waves’ mist.

Lyndon got the feeling someone was watching him. The shore was deserted, but in the shallow water a mermaid appeared, swimming back and forth.

The hotel concierge heard the wind carrying the last notes of the mermaid’s song. He made a note to clean out Lyndon’s room, knowing the young man would not return.

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15 thoughts on “The Right Place

  1. I hope the siren was a hottie. Maybe that hotel has a service for men wanting to find a good woman to run away with.

    The construction on this story was really great! Well-done, Tresha!

  2. Poor guy, entranced by the sound of the Siren!
    I love the matter-of-fact ending, as if the hotel concierge had had to deal with this issue before, and was not too fussed about it.
    Chilling, and beautiful and strange story!

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