Jubilant: Weekly Photo Challenge

Story #21 for Story A Day Challenge May 2016 and double duty as the Weekly Photo Challenge: Jubilant

Until further notice, celebrate everything!

Until further notice, celebrate everything!


“Oh, good, you’re here.” Jenny led Sarah into the kitchen. “The others will be here soon.”

“That’s a cute cake, but what is it for?” Sarah checked out the quilting notions  made of icing.

“Tonight I will finish putting the binding on my latest quilt. Time to celebrate!” Jenny opened the drawer for the forks.

“You’re celebrating finishing a quilt?”

“A little party every now and then helps the world go around, don’t you think?” Jenny looked at Sarah but didn’t wait for her to answer, as the doorbell rang and she walked back to the front door.

The rest of the group arrived, en masse. Sarah was the newest member of the quilting bee, having just moved into town recently. She sought out the nearest quilt guild and felt extremely lucky to have found a bee with an opening almost immediately. But the culture here seemed a bit different than where she’d come from. This was only her second meeting with the bee, so she guessed she’d figure it out over time.

“Oh, isn’t that just darling?” “Congratulations, you finished another quilt!” “Another one?! I am so jealous.” Everyone passing the cake oohed and aahed over it.

“I just have a little bit left to do but it’ll be done in no time tonight. And you know what that means!”

“Cake! Cake! Cake!” They all sang out, except for Sarah, who was looking on in wonder, wondering if she was right for this jubilant group.

Everyone took their places, some at the dining room table, some at the tables set up in the living room. They called themselves the Tornado Threaders because they all had sewing rooms that looked as if they had been hit by a tornado. It was the natural state of things, in their minds. They even had a motto: If everything is out in sight, we don’t have to look very long for it, right?

Everyone seems nice even if a little rambunctious, Sarah thought, so maybe it’ll work out for me.

The chatter rose and fell as they worked on their projects, a natural ebb and flow of attention to their work and to each other.

“Ta-da!” Jenny announced. “Another one hits the dust! Quilt binding finished.” Everyone clapped in appreciation. “And now for the presentation. Sarah, will you come over here, please?”

Sarah looked around only to see everyone looking at her. “Um, okay.”

“Sarah,” Jenny said, “we are so happy to have you in our group. It is our tradition to give a small quilt to each new person who joins the Tornado Threaders. This is your quilt.” Jenny handed her the quilt whose binding she just finished.

“Oh,” Sarah said, her heart starting to swell with all the love pouring in from the group, “I don’t know what to say. Thank . . . thank you.” She started to weep, and looked around for tissues, as she didn’t want to get any of her runny mascara on her new quilt.

Someone handed her a napkin. Sarah wiped her eyes and then there were hugs all around from her new quilting family.

“Here,” Jenny handed her a plate, “have the first piece of cake. Let’s celebrate.”

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