First Step Forward: Fiction Friday

The Friday Fictioneer Challenge: Write a 100-word story based on the photo.

Photo copyright Kent Bonham

Photo copyright Kent Bonham

First Step Forward

Not everyone could see the book; it chose its audience with care, inviting only those struggling to find their way into and through the world. Once seen, there was no escape: it required two pages of art from each person.

In completing the task, they discovered the demand was really a gift: a glimpse of a future where art was inevitable, achievable. This was their first step forward.

Coming around the corner, a young girl hesitated when she spotted the book. A breeze drifted through the garden, tossing the pages to display two blank sheets, beckoning the creator within her.

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19 thoughts on “First Step Forward: Fiction Friday

  1. Oh, I LOVE that one! A book that pulls us to fill it with a bit of our souls… Ach, would you look at that, my sketcher is open — and there’s two blank pages! Thanks for the lovely inspiration!

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