Childhood’s End: Fiction Friday

The Friday Fictioneer Challenge: Write a 100-word story based on the photo.

FF 77 Jean L Hays

Photo copyright Jean L Hays

Childhood’s End

Sarah hadn’t been to the coffee shop in years, had almost forgotten the window. It was her first commission, while still in her teens. She had been ecstatic. A professional artist! I’m on my way!

And she was on her way – to being poor. She was shocked to discover how many people wanted fine art at garage sale prices. She left behind her childish fantasies of overnight success.

Hard work, hard years; they all led to now. Like the colorful light streaming through the stained glass, it was only after major transformations that the beauty of her adult life resulted.

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11 thoughts on “Childhood’s End: Fiction Friday

  1. Dear Tresha,

    People do have a tendency to want the art for bargain basement prices, especially if they’re a ‘friend.’ After all it’s ‘easy for you.’ There’s my artist’s rant. I love the ending line. If experience doesn’t destroy us, it shapes us.



  2. Ah the optimism of youth…..and the passion of the artist (whether painter, musician, or weaver of words). Very tough in these days to keep that passion kindled…..through lean years….and even when the good years are skimpy in their financial rewards. Here’s to a 2016 where those in the arts may have their passions rekindled and receive accolades of support!

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