Lies I Tell Myself

It seems I’m not yet old enough not to deceive myself. What lies do you tell yourself?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I don’t have two (or three) of the ingredients for this recipe. It should taste the same without them.

I’m putting my keys in a different place than where they usually go. I’ll remember where they are.

I’ll eat only a little ice cream.

That’s a great story idea I had. I don’t need to write it down.

I don’t need the address. I’ll recognize the place when I get there.

I don’t need the instructions. How hard can it be?

I’m too tired to finish [task] tonight. I’ll get up really early tomorrow morning and finish it before I have to leave.

I’ll always remember where I took this photo, the names of all the people, the exact date it was taken.

I’ll remember my new logon and password.

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