Timing Is Everything: Fiction Friday

Friday Fictioneer Challenge: Write a 100-word story based on the photo.

Copyright Santoshwriter

Copyright Santoshwriter

Timing Is Everything

Get ready to jump, Little Drop,” Drop Four said.

Shotgun!” Drop One shouted.

Why do you always get to go first?” Drop Three whined.

Don’t push!” Drop Two snarled. “Wait your turn!

The stag approached. When it jostled the branch, four big drops leapt onto its antler.

Jump, Little Drop, jump!” they urged, from below.

Bravely, Little Drop jumped.

Unfortunately, Little Drop had waited too long and missed the stag entirely, landing on the ground. Sinking into the soil, he watched the stag walk away with the four big drops exclaiming about their fabulous front view on the velveted antler.


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12 thoughts on “Timing Is Everything: Fiction Friday

  1. I love giving voice to elements of nature. They have energy and are part of life. Why not give them voice? Well done! I feel badly for the little drop that missed the buck! 😦

  2. Great story. We’ve all been in his shoes…either can look at it as a moment lost or a moment gained. Deep breath and just proceed!

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