Looking Up: Fiction Friday

Friday Fictioneer Challenge: Write a 100-word story based on the photo.

Friday Fictioneer prompt.  Copyright Lauren Moscato

Friday Fictioneer prompt. Copyright Lauren Moscato

Things Were Looking Up

Been there, done that,” George’s father, Alvin, said, after he caught George climbing in the bedroom window just before dawn, again. It was all George could do not to roll his eyes; he knew the lectures by heart.

The good news: they were moving and, Alvin said, smiling, one bedroom had a separate entrance that would be George’s.

That’s more like it, George thought, dreaming of telling his friends how he was going to have his own door to come and go as he pleased. No more answering to his old man as to his whereabouts. Things were looking up.

14 thoughts on “Looking Up: Fiction Friday

  1. Clever Dad … and unfortunate George. His own door could cause a bit of a problem to his plans for nightly comings and goings. Great last line – very appropriate. 🙂

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