Moustache Cup, Sketch 034

Last year I came across the Moustache Cup Collection at the Bell County Museum. I was quite taken with the exhibit. Tea time was a serious business!

Our electricity went out this morning for just over an hour. I sketched this cup while sitting near the dining room window, which usually has a ton of natural light. This morning, however, there is heavy fog and visibility is limited to about 100 yards. This is how the cup looked to me in the fog light.

Sketch of a mustache cup

How it looked, in the fog light

I managed to find two moustache cups at an antique store, although I don’t think mine are really antique. It seems they were popular from about 1860 to 1930.

Mustache Cup

Moustache Cup

The mustache protector part of the tea cup

From a bygone era

Sketch 034: Moustache Cup

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