Fiction Friday: Soup Spoons

Friday Fictioneer Challenge: Write a 100-word story based on the photo.


Friday Fictioneer photo prompt.  Copyright Jan Wayne Fields

Friday Fictioneer photo prompt. Copyright Jan Wayne Fields

Soup Spoons

Tim started setting the table on Monday. That’s when he noticed he didn’t have any soup spoons. The bus ride to Crate and Barrel took over an hour each way. While arranging his shiny, new spoons, he discovered his plates and bowls were chipped. Next day, back to the store for a whole new dinnerware set. Two days later: napkins, goblets and flatware.

Friday evening he surveyed his new, complete table setting. He was ready for his guests. His phone rang: “Dude,” Rod said, “about dinner tonight. We stopped at George’s and we’re having pizza. Wanna come over here instead?


15 thoughts on “Fiction Friday: Soup Spoons

  1. Isn’t that always the way?

    Thanks for introducing me to Friday Fictioneer Challenge. I was so caught up in the writing late Wednesday night that I convinced myself it was already Thursday night and I had to post immediately. Felt a little silly when I realized what I’d done, but at least I made the deadline. 🙂

    • The window time frame really is a week, to add your link to the inLinkz page (found at the bottom of Rochelle’s post). Do not fret! Some people post their stories starting on Wednesday, the day the photo posts. I post mine on Friday.

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