Crinkly, Not Crinkly

While roaming around the web the other day, I came across a photo of an Artist Trading Card that had been made with duct tape. Oh, I thought, I can do that. The materials needed were duct tape, card stock, Sharpie pens and an embossing stylus. As luck would have it, I had all those materials at hand and even knew where my embossing stylus was.

I rushed out to my truck and retrieved the duct tape that had been in the back of it for six or seven years. It hadn’t even been opened. Yes! An artist in the making, that was me!

Somehow my duct tape post card didn’t look anything like the one that had inspired me. Mine was, well, crinkly. Really crinkly.

My first duct tape post card

My first duct tape post card

I returned to the web and looked for more ATCs made from duct tape. I found another one with another set of instructions. The material list was the same, except for one word: foil. As in Foil Duct Tape.

I didn’t know what Foil Duct Tape was and I certainly didn’t have any. Hubby left soon after to run some errands and he came back with ta-da! Foil Duct Tape.

Having the correct materials and tools makes all the difference, does it not? Now my duct tape post cards are not crinkly.

A post card decorated with foil duct tape and a mullti-colored flower and the words: Bloom Where You Are Planted

Foil duct tape = smooth duct tape

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