Fiction Friday: How To Get Noticed

Friday Fictioneer Challenge: Write a 100-word story based on the photo prompt.

Friday Fictioneer photo prompt.  Copyright Marie Gail Stratford

Friday Fictioneer photo prompt. Copyright Marie Gail Stratford

Michael had his first completed movie script. I just need to get noticed, he thought. Looking up, he saw . . . ? That glare! It hampered his view. He got up on his knees in the booth, peering through the wine bottles.

Is that George Lucas coming into the restaurant? This is it, Michael thought, my big chance.

Sir, please don’t lean against the —,” the waiter said, touching Michael on the shoulder, startling him.

Yikes!” Michael said, pushing his weight forward, in surprise. The wine rack teetered, bottles crashing to the floor.

Michael looked around. Everyone had noticed.


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8 thoughts on “Fiction Friday: How To Get Noticed

    • Absolutely! For a while, I considered using the title “Careful What You Wish For” for this story. Plenty of opportunities for that title, as life seems to teach us that lesson over and over and over.

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