Star Wars VII

In the recent Mashable article, Star Wars Episode VII to Use Film, Be More Like Original Trilogy, Chris Taylor talks about the upcoming seventh Star Wars episode. There seems to have been some noticeable amount of thought behind the decision to use 35mm film instead of filming the movie digitally.

Star Wars Storm Trooper

I shall return . . .

As a fan of the Star Wars movies (at least some of them), I can tell you my concern is with the story line rather than the type of film. Oh, I’m sure that there are other Star Wars fans who appreciate the filming technology way more than I do. But we all know that the six movies are not universally loved, mostly due to their stories. Fantastic filming and special effects cannot overcome bad stories. I won’t go into any details about my opinion of where the weak spots are in the six Star Wars movies, but feel free to leave me comments about your Star Wars issues or raves.

The first movie, Star Wars, A New Hope, was groundbreaking in so many ways. I remember seeing it with my friend Judy in 1977 and it was breathtaking. It had a plot, characters that developed, drama, humor, technology and imagination. It wasn’t perfect, but overall it was so grand that its flaws seemed diminished. I’m hoping for a repeat of all that, regardless of how it’s filmed.

The seventh installment is slated to be released in 2015. Use the time well, J.J. Abrams, use the time well.

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