Ten Eventful Years, Volume 2

I’m happy to report that none of my yarn is made from chicken feathers. I found that research item in Ten Eventful Years, Volume 1.

Before I put Ten Eventful Years Volumes 1 and 2 in the donation pile, here are a couple of items from Volume 2.

Page 222 has a photograph of Chicago’s first subway, 4.5 miles long. It opened on October 17, 1943. This is under the category of “Electric Transportation.”

Page 355 has a full page photograph of sand sailing. The caption is “Florida’s first beach yachting regatta. Sand sailing became popular after World War II and was added to the sports open to vacationists in Florida.” That’s a little strange. Why wouldn’t it be open to residents as well? Was there someone checking your home address and only let you sand sail if you had an out-of-town address?

Page 243 has a photo of George Bernard Shaw holding a book with “G.B.S. 90” on the cover. The book was written by a neighbor to celebrate Mr. Shaw’s 90th birthday (July 26, 1946).

I wonder what my neighbors would write in a book about me for my 90th birthday. Hmm, maybe I should start baking them some cookies or something, just in case they are taking notes.

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