Clint’s Cabin

This is a structure in the Historic Stagecoach Park in Buda, Texas. The information marker says an African-American man named Clint lived in it while he worked for the Carrington Hotel sometime around the year 1900.

Clint's Cabin

Clint’s Cabin

The cabin was moved from its original site to the park so that it would not be torn down. The City of Buda completed the renovations in 2014.

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Fiction Friday: Caledonia

Friday Fictioneer Challenge: Write a 100-word story based on the photo.

Friday Fictioneer photo prompt.  Copyright Bjorn Rudberg

Friday Fictioneer photo prompt. Copyright Bjorn Rudberg


Quintus woke with a vision: The Emperor Septimius Severus would not return to Rome, but would soon take his last breath beneath the northern sky of Britannia.

At dawn, Quintus broke his fast at his post on the Antonine Wall. His vision weighed heavily on his mind, for dangerous times followed an emperor’s death. He knew Rome was lost to him forever. Fleeing was risky; staying possibly even more so. To the north lay Caledonia, the only land not under Roman rule.

The next sunrise found his post abandoned, but with the news of the emperor’s death, no one noticed.
The photographer is Bjorn Rudberg and his story is The Emigrant.

Christmas Truce, 1914

One hundred years ago today, the world was at war. When I think of war, I don’t think of countries or governments, but of people, individuals: men, women, children; those fighting the war, those affected by war (which is everyone). I’m re-posting my favorite Christmas story. Peace to all.

A Christmas tree of lights

Peace to all

In 1914, during the Great War (World War I), an unofficial truce took place on Christmas Day along the Western Front. Some German and British soldiers took it upon themselves to celebrate Christmas by stopping the war, greeting each other, exchanging what small items they had as gifts (cigarettes, chocolate, etc.) and playing a soccer game. Peace broke out in more than one area and in more than one year.

There is a memorial in Ypres, Belgium commemorating this truce that was lead by the soldiers themselves.