Picnic on the Pedernales

Picnic on the Pedernales by my friend Darrell Williams. Posted with his permission.

Some poems provoke:

“Picnic on the Pedernales last eve;
Sunset infused with colors;
(Did it go around the earth’s bottom;
To be captured by camera this morning?}
Good night’s sleep, cat nearby;
Sudden burst aloud in laughter encountering a poem;
Now soft warm memories of a sunset evening in the canoe;
With Patricia.
Looks to be a nice day, today.”

A sunset with wispy clouds

A sunset full of memories

Right On Time

Long lines at the gas pump
Freight train stopped on the tracks
Empty slots on the grocery store shelves

A day of deep sighs
Teeth gnashing, nose crinkling

A sunset with clouds

Sherbet in the sky

At dusk, I refill the hummingbird feeder
As it lurks on the fence
I turn to its chirps to explain my lateness
And realize I was wrong all along

The swirling, sherbet sunset awaits, as promised
The sunrise had greeted me and will do so again
The day was right on time

NaPoWriMo Day 13