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The Women’s Room

I wonder what kind of information the Braille imparts.

A sign for the women's restroom

When you gotta go . . .

At the Blue Baker in College Station, Texas.

No Parking

Hmmm. A No Parking sign. Wonder what that really means.

A vehicle parked under a No Parking sign

You talkin’ to me?

Where the Sidewalk Ends

Where the sidewalk ends . . .

A sign that says: End of sidewalk.

Good to know.

Bingo Gossip

This caught my eye as I was leaving a sandwich shop on my way to the sewing guild meeting. Bingo Gossip? A whole newspaper dedicated to not just bingo, but bingo gossip? What goes on in those gaming rooms? Does TMZ know about this?

Bingo Gossip newspaper container

When advertising works, it works

I have a vague memory of playing bingo sometime in my life, but it’s so hazy that it has just as much chance of not being true as being true. In any case, I certainly haven’t kept up with the advances in bingo technology or gossip, so I decided that it wouldn’t hurt for me to take one issue even though I’m not a player.

Let’s peek inside Bingo Gossip, published by Missy Mouser Kemp with a monthly circulation around 20,000. (I couldn’t find a web site for Bingo Gossip, but they do have a Facebook page.)

First is an article from the editor, Missy Kemp, recommending the Black Dagger Brotherhood, a vampire fiction series, written by J.R. Ward. I am happy to read this article, as hubby loves vampire stories and I don’t think he’s familiar with this author.

Horoscopes and a few quotes follow the intro article. She prints one of my favorite quotes of all time: “Change before you have to.” ~ Jack Welch, former CEO of the General Electric Company.

I found lucky numbers, an advice column, trivia (I love trivia), jokes, crossword puzzles and brain teasers, recipes, advertisements, and — hey! — bingo calendars from all over Texas. Visit Austin, Corpus Christi, Killeen, Temple, or Harker Heights (and more) for bingo! There is still time to schedule a trip to the Austin Capitol Bingo hall (they also have their own Facebook page) on August 24th where they will be giving away a flat screen TV.

There are several mentions throughout the newspaper of computer bingo. You mean they don’t still use the little cards like they did all those years ago when I may (or may not) have played? Maybe I should check it out for myself in the interest of, you know, research.

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

Just don’t even think about going in with a bad attitude!

A sign saying leave bad attitudes in the trash can

A sign with an attitude

I was real careful when I went to take this photo because I don’t work at that complex.

A sign saying that violators will be electrocuted

Careful where you step or ride

At Trader Joe’s in Houston. Yep, when I travel to the big city, I’m all about going grocery shopping. Just one wild and crazy woman!

A sign with a pun: Planet of the Grapes; It was fresh produce all along.

Sour grapes?

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says


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